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[video] Yes - Heart of the Sunrise intro cover (looper inside)

Sweet! When the 3 of you are playing together it really sounds spot on! What amp are you using?
I like your use of the looper for the mellotron parts too...
My band used to play this in my 20s...what a great song with awesome energy. Love the drummer here. Share your patches, please?
I recently saw ARW. When they played HOTS and Jon started singing, even though i've heard HOTS hundreds of times, i thought to myself that i could listen to Jon sing Heart of the Sunrise forever and that perhaps this will be the last time i hear Jon sing it live (with me in the room). At that moment, a serenity hit me that i haven't felt in a looooong time.

Also, everything about HOTS is just awesome ever after 45 years. Jon's angelic vocals, Bruford's drums (no one drums like him), Squires thunderous bass line (yeah, he was ripped off Schizoid Man, but so what) and the interplay between SH and RW. Plus that arrangement is the definition of prog rock - take a pretty simple song and turn it inside out in 5 dimensions.
What amp are you using?
5153 100W Red for the distorted part, Vibrato Verb AB (plus the direct signal with no amp) for the pad stuff.
Share your patches, please?
Sure, it's attached below but as I've said before credits go to Larry Mitchell, I've just modded his patch called "LM Life Pad" that's available here on the forum.


  • SUNRISE.syx
    12.6 KB · Views: 15
5153 100W Red for the distorted part, Vibrato Verb AB (plus the direct signal with no amp) for the pad stuff.
Wow, go figure. Steve Howe probably wouldn't go near a 5150 if his life depended on it ;-) ... but you nail it. Thanks for the patch! Look forward to trying it out when I get back to the States.
Forgot to say that the video was awesome - great playing on everyone's part. Even though i love Alan White's playing on Yessongs (Yes were ON FIRE), Bill's drumming on Fragile is so cool. One of my favorite drum fills is in South Side of the Sky - the one before the band comes back in after Wakeman's piano fades out (just before "The moments). Simple, but powerful.

Second favorite, one of the fills in Tom Sawyer after the solo (i think the second one over the D chord). Man, i wish i could get my sample drums to sound like Neil's Toms (and Bill's snare) and Nike Mason's ride cymbal and Stuart Copeland's HH. Oh, and Bonzo's Kick. Not sure about crash, china and splash. Any suggestions?
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