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VIDEO with Brit Silver FW 10...my dog is not impressed


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Hey guys,
I've been meaning to do a video play through of this original tune for a while now. FW 10 seemed like a great occasion to do so.

The lead tone is basically the FW10 Brit Silver preset with some slight tweaks. Rhythm tones were recorded way back in the "dark ages" of FW 7 or 8 I think.

Hope you dig it!



Awesome as always, Adam! Which IR are you using?

Edit: Duh.. It's in the video! I was focused on the tones... :)



I realy enjoy the tones, playing and original music you have been putting out.
Thanks for sharing.


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Really dig this song!

Adam, any chance you could update the rhythm patch? This was one of my favorites, but I can't get it to translate with v10.


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Great, Adam. I'd love to offer some critique, but I can't find anything that you would need to improve. The arrangement, chord progressions, melody were great, playing stellar, tones were excellent, video well shot, you even threw in the cool dog.

Ahh, now I have it. I didn't see any strippers. You DO consider yourself a rocker, don't you?
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Tasty tone and playing. Really digging the pace of the lead phrasing.
Way to sit in the pocket and play for the song. Good stuff.
A couple of parts in that made me think "Mountain". Which I love.

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
NICE. Super phrasing and pacing; mature players play for the song and you did that. Great stuff.

Love the dog and your ringer t-shirt to boot. ;)
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