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[VIDEO] Ax8 tutorials, tips and tricks - compiled list


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I thought it might be useful to make a compiled list of all the great Ax8 tutorials out there. I am not looking for all videos featuring Ax8 tones and a 'preset runthrough' is not really what I am looking for. But any video that shows you how to do something in the Ax8.

There's a lot of great videos with this out there, but I think they are just scattered across the interwebs. A collection might be useful for new and experienced users.

Our number one ressource for this is obviously @Chris@AxeFxTutorials. He has both premium and free videos. They all come highly recommended.

Here is his beginners guide (Premium video with free preview) http://axefxtutorials.com/2016/02/premium-video-ax8-beginners-guide/

He also has a beyond basics video (which will be in three parts once completed) https://axefxtutorials.selz.com/item/ax8-bb-p1

James Ryan (I do not think he is a user on this forum) has a few very good videos featuring the Ax8 - I found his quick feature runthrough particularly useful

Chris has a much longer video on the same topic

Both are running FW1 in the video, so the Ax8 LCD screen behaves quite differently than the current FW3. Chris shows the new screen user interface in a free video here (it is on the FX8, but it is the same on Ax8)

The user interface got changed once again for FW3.50 - and once again Christ got us covered with a new video

I hope everyone will add useful videos to this thread. I have just entered the ones, I could think of.


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Here are a few topic based videos

@Burgs shows us how to build a simple but very versatile rig based on a Marshall Plexi - this is basically all you need to start building your own presets.

I have a video of my own on using an LUFS meter in DAW to match levels between amps and between presets. I find it faster and more precise than using the VU meters on the unit.


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So, I stumbled upon a few other tutorials

@Mitch Baker is making a series, where he is comparing amp models - Quite interesting

And then I found this channel by Joshua Rogers (I do not know, if he is a member here?) - At this time, he has no less than 17 different Ax8 tutorials, so check it out (I am not gonna embed all 17 vids)

He has tutorials on scenes, the output block, review of drive pedals, x/y switching, compression types. Lots of good stuff there.

Please add more videos as you find them.


That is great. I just ordered mine yesterday and already wondering how to hook
up my mission Wah/Volume pedal, how will I do solo boosts, using the regular foot
switches or an external switch. I hope I can find those answers in some of these videos.


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I actually found two other videos to add to this thread today

@nicolasrivera made a tutorial on how to make a really comprehensive preset on the AX8 - This really is your 'everything' preset. He also shows you how to tweak the FX to get enough CPU power, and he shows you how to organize your grid to fit all those FX (17 blocks total) - nice work

@Mark Day made a tutorial about how to update firmware and the factory presets using FractalBot. He shows a method that will overwrite all existing presets, but he also mentions that you can do the banks individually.

I also need to mention my own video on how to use scene controllers to setup your sound

And finally, I want to mentions @simeon 's great video on all the different controllers in the AX8 - He shows how to use many of them in a 'synth' fashion - very cool
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