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Victory Amps!


New Member
Happy to see people enthusiastic to bring Victory to the Fractal list!
I got to try a BD-1 and the Countess at Andertons a year or so ago and loved the tone. Still hoping to get the BD-1 for live stuff but I'd love patches to use at home on my Axe :D


New Member
BUMP! Played around during soundcheck on another bands VX Kraken at a show last night... Instantly wanted it in my Fractal... we were joking if I had more time I would have Tone Mached it lol Just woke up in hotel and came here to check if there was a patch.


One of the reasons I keep my Kemper is the stellar collection of Victory amps that Andy from the Amp Factory put together.


Fractal Fanatic
I have a Super Countess but wish I knew they would release a Super Kraken, with a clean channel, before ordering it

Brian Johnston

New Member
I just ordered a Kraken preamp... they have two other preamps and I'm very interested in those. Any update if the Sheriff and Countess (besides the Kraken) will be modeled for the Axe-Fx II (since I don't own III)?


New Member
+1 from me.. Actually I was thinking of suggesting this for a while now, but here we go..
If I ever should buy an Amp again, it would be this: "Victory Amplifier Silverback Head". I can't ad link yet, but see it at Thomann webstore.
It have two master volume, two channels, clean solo and Boost and a "crunch" to bout channels..
Anyone who owns one, or had it in the past?

yves vanmeenen

if even he ( our friend Guthrie) is using them...it can not be bad...btw the whole series of video´s worth while looking at...the guy is ...down to earth really good
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