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Vibrolux + P90s



That had me hooked from the opening phrase... Made me think of a movie soundtrack.

I was wondering if you were going to play "clean" for the whole track (which would not have bothered me at all!) And then you kicked into high gear.

And top it off with that outro synth solo - nice touch!

On another note, your fret hand fingernails looked to be cut painfully short... At least, they would be for me. ;)


....tho I would have rather heard Ragdoll as the opening band...........;)
Didn’t like the one provided that night, and I missed Peter Wolf from J Geils by two nights........


Power User
Here's the "overplaying version" of the same track. Backing track is linked if anyone wants to try!

Greetings Leon
Man you are the best really appreciate that you take the time to help us all with our playing skills.
And posting all of these very informative videos. I for one want to thank you so much for your help in improving my playing. And helping with the presets an ir’s.
Thanks Leon :)


I am not at my 3 to plug that preset in ... but is that setup as an AutoWah? Or are you doing all the Wah with ye old foot?
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