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Vibro King Christmas


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What guitar are using?
I am really floored by so many positive comments, especially considering the caliber of talent here at the forum. I am blessed.

I used a Suhr Modern set between the neck pickup and both Humbuckers. My Modern has two Humbuckers, no single coils like the GG. I also an original tip Striker 3mm Gravity pick to add a little pluck.



Beautiful piece, thanks for sharing. Makes me want to turn on the fire place and just enjoy life...... With some scotch on the rocks :)


Lovely! And the preset sounds beautiful on my system as well, just wish I had your skills (Santa, do you copy?.... ) :)


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Really nice ... OK folks ... who is going to post the next Christmas sound clip? Keep 'em coming! :encouragement:

Thank you too FAS! :)

EDIT: came back to this today - still diggin it. Thanks for the early Christmas gift John :)

PS - ya know ... you can always modify your guitar to have your humbuckers rewired for dual mode split coil using push pull pots with your volume and tone controls. Not a lot of work - I did it this year with my GG HSH Suhr pickups. I promise you ... you will not be sorry.
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really surprised it's that guitar...in a good way.i know they are capable of great tones but for that style i wasn't expecting it.


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Love it. Great tone and playing, and a welcome respite from the face melting that usually predominates around here (not that there's anything wrong with that). Merry Christmas to you and yours!!
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