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Wish VHT Pittbull


Fractal Fanatic
Before the Axe he was using a Triaxis preamp coupled with a VHT 2/50/2 poweramp and considers this rig as his "best analog tone" so I think this is not a problem!!
I am aware that he used their power amps. They were (are) among the best tube power amps out there. I don't make the connection between him liking the power amps and him liking their heads. I will always keep my fingers crossed for some more Fryette stuff.


Ehrm...well, I see some connection
Since there is already a Fryette model on the list...why not ?
It would be harder to see a Randall Warhead on the list, the only solid state amp is the JC120.
But it is not only a matter of Cliff's taste, the availability of schematics is a basic factor as mentioned above
Fingers crossed here too!


New Member
YES x 1,000,000

I have a 100CL and it is awesome.
An Ultralead would rock too.
YES, I've had one of these beasts and is definitely the amp that I will never forget!!! :(
Some people consider that amp only a chugga chugga amp, but this is a really big mistake, because who know and who had the fortune of owning one knows that is one of the most versatile amp you can find!! The built in PEQ gives you the opportunity of creating the exact sound you want, from the light crunch for a pop ballad to the crushing head scooped sound for the djent.
I have had a couple cl100 and a ul100 all win geq. The geq is essential but that would be a great addition without a doubt. It really is its own thing. That amp attacks!

Sorry to bump this, but since Pitbull is probably not going to be modelled..... Does anyone have any idea about which amp from the Axe Fx sounds the closest to the Pitbull? Or any tweak using one amp and changing the tone stacks? Does the Pitbull use the same tonestack as the Deliverance?

ANY clue would REALLY help! I am willing to work on this and post any results and settings I find for everyone.

Thanks in advance,
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