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Wish VHT Pittbull


YES, I've had one of these beasts and is definitely the amp that I will never forget!!! :(
Some people consider that amp only a chugga chugga amp, but this is a really big mistake, because who know and who had the fortune of owning one knows that is one of the most versatile amp you can find!! The built in PEQ gives you the opportunity of creating the exact sound you want, from the light crunch for a pop ballad to the crushing head scooped sound for the djent.


Having recently decided the Deliverance model is my new favorite amp in the box, I would absolutely love more VHT / Fryette flavor!
I have had a couple cl100 and a ul100 all win geq. The geq is essential but that would be a great addition without a doubt. It really is its own thing. That amp attacks!
I say we go all the way in and do the Pittbull CLX. I have a 1995 CLX 2x12 combo that just kills. It is 1 of 8 according to Steve Fryette. It is just so heavy though.


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The clx is amazing. I don't think Cliff is a big VHT fan. With that said he needs an amp to model. So maybe someone needs to send him some (assuming he would model it if it were supplied

dr bonkers

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Don't forget that Cliff has said repeatedly that he not only needs the amp, but also needs an accurate schematic of the amp in order to model it.


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Yes! This is the one amp that made the decision to go with a Kemper an easier one. The Kemper is gone now because the form factor of the AX8.
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