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Version 7.00 Preview Part Deux


Fractal Fanatic
For me, /13 amps were the last cause of serious amp GAS before I got Fractalized. Back in 2008 I was just about to buy an FTR 37 when my name came up on the wait list for an Ultra, so I bought that instead. Have not bought an amp since.. just another Axe-Fx (II).

All these latest amp matches are so close I've stopped caring which clip is which. These sounds are amazing.

As much as I'm trying to just create music and not get caught up in firmware hype these days, I have to admit v7 has me excited too. Fun!


Fractal Fanatic
Cliff, I'll release if you will release! :twisted:razz

Ok, folks... I believe it will be "soon" now.
I'm sorry this has to happen... :mrgreen


Fractal Fanatic
Brit super
"Spawn Fastrod"

What more?

Pedals: Hermida Zendrive and Xotic RC Boost

New Reverb.

This is unReal ?

Bring on FW 7 (next week) :)
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