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Vernon Reid's crazy rig ...


I thought I could replicate EVERY RIG with my AxeFxII.
After having watched that video I think I have to cut that to EVERY REASONABLE RIG.

I'm so happy not to have to take care of all those toys. For what Vernon does it makes sense, though.


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So bizarre - all the half-naked icons on this site, pin-up pix etc., but peeps get their noses out of joint about this? I think there's a double standard here - or a blind spot.

The interviewer is rockin' that tee-shirt for a reason! She knows exactly what she's doing. She is using those assets as well as her brain, to pursue her career - you might even say she is partially 'objectifying' herself - so why not point out the obvious?

We are all objectified: women as 'sex objects' (men too sometimes - see the Calvin Klein ads), and men as 'success objects' (i.e. women are far more interested, by and large, sad but true, in a man with a flashy car, watch etc.).

I see pictures all over the subway of half naked men and women. The magazines women primarily buy are festooned with pix of women in bikinis (and also 'shaming' those women who don't have 'bikini bodies'). This is the stuff that causes real pain, especially in adolescent girls, but it totally 'acceptable' in our upside-down world.

My comment was a crude joke, one I knew I'd pay for but couldn't resist. In my house we make fun of everyone: black, white, asian, Jewish (I am Jewish, my kids are 1/2 Chinese), male, female. This may be a particularly Jewish trait: make fun of yourself, and of everyone else, to disarm the basic tragedy of so much of existence.

I like Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Richard Pryor - these guys were not 'politically correct', but they were funny! GOD how I miss the UN-PC 70's, when people weren't so damn touchy.

I grew up in a house where there were no holds barred in conversation. To me, that was part of growing up - to be able to take and give a verbal 'punch', and also to not take everything seriously, because people will say bad Sh*t, and if you let every single comment get to you, you'll go crazy.

I really don't care if women make jokes about men posturing, or not getting directions, or 'thinking with their little head' - life's too short to take every joke as a personal affront.

Obviously, I am not on my own, since a couple of similarly crude pervs 'liked' my comment too.

If you want to see my more serious thoughts on this: chimps-and-bonobos Redux

You may be on your own in this one :)

Actually, I know AXes aren't in any way sex objects (I'm standing by to be flamed here), but would I be right is suggesting that there aren't all that many female Axe owners? We've had threads about hot female guitarists, and I'd assumed the posters were all male (might be wrong of course), plus I haven't seen any threads listing hot male guitarists - as in "hot"... Is there an issue here?
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Please post all the pinups of hot male guitarists you want. I doubt any of us will find this offensive.
You may be on your own in this one :)

Actually, I know AXes aren't in any way sex objects (I'm standing by to be flamed here), but would I be right is suggesting that there aren't all that many female Axe owners? We've had threads about hot female guitarists, and I'd assumed the posters were all male (might be wrong of course), plus I haven't seen any threads listing hot male guitarists - as in "hot"... Is there an issue here?


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The guitar portion of the video is pretty complex, but I can see it getting much more simple with an Axe-Fx II and a MFC-101.
Running Guitar Rig, Amplitube, and Abelton, ect ect,..from ONE laptop as plugins in a DAW, all synced via MIDI might be a good option as well.
^This is what I would do, but I am not Vernon. His does have a VERY cool rig going, and looks like it would be a lot of fun to use.
Cheers to him for surfing the edge of technical madness.

Overall, I want to see them live MUCH more after seeing both players rigs. :)


I was there at Koko in London that Night!

My friend that I went to the gig with and I went to the bar across the road after the gig for a late few beers. I turned around to go to the bar for a second round of drinks and who was standing beside me but Will Calhoon and Corey Glover! My second time meeting them in 2 years.... They were very down to earth and smiling and friendly to everyone in the bar. They seem like the kind of band who are just *happy* gigging and playing their music to people who enjoy it.


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OK, let me explain:
No, it's not fair to judge anybody on 1 clip. But, tbh, i didn't like his playing very much to begin with, and when i was searching for lessons to play CoP a couple of years back for the cover band i'm in, and stumbled on this.. First I thought: wow great, lessons from the master himself, but let's say I was pretty underwhelmed.
And especially this song, which he probably played lots of times, I thought it was strange that it came out so weak. That's all.
But as I said in my original message, he prolly had an off-day.

And that he's famous and played large stages is not really
Cool, and understood! I think I'm just wary of people preparing to hate on a YouTube commenter kinda level. FWIW, I'm not a massive fan of his playing either..... and Justin Bieber plays big stadiums too...... *shudders*

Let's all hug and be part of the P-funk party! ;)


.......I might get aroused...... :D
I can only suggest a thread in which men suggest male guitarists that they think women might find hot. All women masquerading covertly as hairy-arsed Axe owners can join in - or come out into the open. WHether that's going to arouse anyone, only the doing will tell.

I think I'd be more interested in a few more Rebecca interviews.


Listening to these links, I'm growing to really like Vernon (not having paid attention before now). He's certainly innovative...

I will also have to return to the Rebecca interview (for slightly different reasons).


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Do you think that Doug Wimbish drops enough names, enough times? Dude comes off as either an egomaniac or terribly insecure... waitamminit: that's the same thing!


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And while we're typing our comments behind our computers, Vernon is traveling around the world, performing his own music. :)
Yeah, I'm always surprised at forum members who knock professional touring musicians. It's like me criticizing LeBron James' basketball skills. Anyways, I didn't know this sort of thing occurred on gear manufacturer forum sights. I got my first taste of it last year when it was announced that Phil Collen was part of the Axe II family now. Guys were bashing him and his playing. I felt like posting a response, "okay, take your lifetime album sales. Okay, now add 50 million to that number. Congratulations, you are now within 75 million units sold of recordings that Phil Collen can be heard playing on. Regardless of what you think of his playing, please refrain from publicly bashing him until your own personal album sales get within 50 million units of his band's worldwide album sales, or you log in and see players such as Steve Vai or Guthrie Govan publicly bashing him (something you will never ever see). Thank you, and have a nice day."

I know this is a forum, a place to exchange viewpoints, but on the other hand, have some personal dignity and filter your comments too. Have a clutch inserted between your mind and your mouth. Show some respect to those that have composed and recorded music that is now widely recognizable by the guitarist community, and that still earn their living do this, versus your own personal commercial accomplishments.


i love that oblique little lick he plays at 00:30....and the look he gets for it afterwards! :)
I really love all those super melodic major licks he plays in this video. You don't hear these too often these days.

The band is really groovy and Glover sings beter than he used to do.


VR Floorboard.jpg

This is what Vernon Reid's "floorboard" looks like from up close during a recent LC Show in Maastricht, Holland this year. Not exactly your compact variety but man can he play...
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