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VAN HALEN - 5150 (1986) video w/patch


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This is one of my all time fav VH songs. The guitar riff is just so tasty. Amazing work Rocco! This may be a dumb question I'll answer myself later but importing a preset from older FW to the latest Ares on My Axe II isn't quite sounding so good. Perhaps initialize the amp block? or does the new algo not already applied to a preset that's newly imported? Mind you, you've dialed that preset for that FW so perhaps that's it right there. Ha, its been a long week and its only Tuesday. With Covid, who even knows what day of the week it is anymore.
Thanks man, yeah as you said there have been so many firmware updates since this patch was made 6 years ago, it's gonna sound completely different now because of it unfortunately! You could use it as a starting point but you'll definitely have to tweak pretty much every block. The new one I'm making for the III is sounding way better to my ears, I'm gonna make sure to make some screenshots for the AxeFx II users so you can dial in all the parameters on your unit!


I'm really looking forward to your new patch. I still enjoy using the one you did for 11.03 back in 2013 that I added the detune block to.
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