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Van Halen 1 album preset - converted from Reapers original preset


This is my edited version of Reaper's incredible Van Halen preset from the axe 2. It was the best I heard back then and I have done some editing to it for the Axe 3.
Scene 1 is a clean with flange for Hear About It Later you will need to roll some highs off your guitar.
Scene 2 is rhythms and scene 3 lead with phaser and delay added.
The reverb sounds big but that is how it is on the record.
The volume pedal is set to FC1 Pedal 4 so you may want to change that.
for scene 2 and 3 cab you will need OH_412_MAR-CB_V30en_Lv-main
or try a stock oh 412 cab



New Member
Great sound!! Thankyou.

What kind of cab sim do you suggest? It seems to change a lot with all the 4x12 that I've tried...
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