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Van Hagar and beyond EVH - that detune effect?


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I know its a love/hate thing with Eddie's post-1984 tone choices. I like them all. For me they are a place in time not just a sound.
I love especially in its latter form - Balance and ADKOT.
Anyone going for that stereo detune effect Ed got so enamored with 5150 and beyond?

How do you achieve it?

I'm sure there's more than one way down the rabbit hole, but I do play in a simple stereo rig both live (FM3) and when recording (AF3). No, I'm not in a VH tribute, but it is a great sound and not entirely apart from Adrian Smith's Somewhere / 7th son era which I do cop in my Maiden Tribute, Aces High.

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I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that tone Adrian Smith got for Somewhere in time/Seventh son era. He used the GK 250ML, which I'm fortunate to have one, and it sound dead on like his tone! Alex Lifeson used them during the Grace under pressure era as well.


I have one on Axechange as well. Just posted a video and Link a few threads down. Probably not much different than what’s already been offered. Just my take on it.


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I use a combo of chorus / flange and plex delay for that super wide detuney VH tone. EVH was a tone guru, its hard to find that balance (pun intended) of chunky lows and mid enhanced highs.



This ;) That's the setting I'm using, sounds spot on to my ears. Anything more than -9/+9 is too much for Ed's stuff IMO. I like to crank it to -11/+11 for more of a Chris Holmes tone, always loved his guitar sound on WASP's early stuff. 11/12 cents works great for Mick Mars/Dr Feelgood era too
Where’s this preset for Chris Holmes tone???
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