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Vendor Valhallir presents: V2-Boa Orange Mixcab


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V2-Boa Wallpaper Final.jpg
Here we go with our new cab pack, the V2-Boa!

A 49 year old, empty Orange® 4×12 cab, found in a friend’s reharsal room. After ripping off the old skin (painted in black) we grinded the surface
(what a frakkin’ job) and loaded the cab with some great speakers, after additional bracings and acoustic improvements.

The new blood red snakeskin tolex gives her a very unique look and led to her name.

Let’s talk about the speakers:

Speaker A is a Celestion® T75 from 1987, with 1777 Kurt Mueller Cone. This version is very different to it’s modern versions, as there is less scoop
and a better overall midrange as known (and often hated) from the new China-mad models.

Speaker B is a Celestion® G12-80 from 1981, also with 1777 Kurt Mueller Cone. Because of it’s coil, the vented big magnet and the 1777 cone it could definitely be called the “father” of the legendary Mesa Black Shadow MC-90s by Celestion®.

Speaker C is a US-made WGS Warehouse® Veteran 30, often desribed as the “better” V30. Very thight midrange without the sizzle of the chinese V30s.

Speaker D is a US-made Scumback® by Weber SA12H-75-16 from 2005, developed from guitar speaker-legend Ted Weber for Scumback, to obtain
the legendary Pulsonic-cone sound, paired with a modern charakter. Let’s say: G12-H30 on testosterone! Truly a highlight in this cab!

Loading a cabinet with different speakers is very difficult, as it can cause some weird phase issues. So we did a lot of trial & error with several different
speakers to make V2-Boa the best possible mix-cab.

You need some “Uberkab-Flavour”? Mix The T75 with the Veteran30 IRs. You wanna go "Roadking" or "Halfback" style? Take the G12-80. You would love some Orange-like G12-H30 Pulsonic mojo? Give the Scumback H75 a go.

The following microphones have been used and abused for this cab pack:

AKG® D202
AKG® C414
Lewitt® MTP440
Shure® SM57
Shure® SM7-B
Sennheiser® MD421
Sennheiser® e906
sE Electronics® 4400 II
sE Electronics® sE8
sE Electronics® V7X
Beyerdynamic M-160 Ribbon
sE Electronics® VR1 Ribbon – Mike Amon Mod (www.mikrofonservice.at)
Royer® R121 Ribbon
Low resonance frequency : 104 Hz.

If you wanna know, how it sounds, let Al Rivero's guitars do the talking:

Or Old front.jpgOrange back old.jpgV2-Boa Cube Back open.jpgV2-Boa Instapic.jpg
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