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V2-Green69 cab pack from Valhallir.at - Free IR included!


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Here we go with a real LEGEND! Based on measurements from a Marshall™ 1960B “Pinstripe” 4×12 cab, loaded with Celestion™ “Pre-Rola” Greenbacks G12M
with 25 Watt, 75 Hz from 1969, this cab stands as the “Holy Grail” for most guitarist. We completely agree with this statement!

The cab is owned by the Austrian pro-guitarist Helmut Bibl, who played for artists like Falco, Andy Baum, Hallucination Company, Boris Bukovsky,
Drahdiwaberl and Supermax.

https://www.facebook.com/biblrocks/ V2-Green69 wallpaper LoRes.jpg


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