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v10 - Slash's Sweet Child tone in 5 mins without Tone Match


Power User
Damn close!

The high cut filter suggestion or slight back off on presence will get even closer if not right there!


Power User
Yep... in person in the room it sounded DEAD ON. Listening through my Mac Book Pro speakers though and not good head phones.
A video would be great Levi- I think what you showed me on dialing in both this tone and the early Van Halen tone would be beneficial to others on playing with the advanced settings.

Anand Mahangoe

It sound good enough man........but if you are planning to use this for live purposes , keep in mind that this is a fully compressed / mastered / MP3 formatted Slash sound.....his original recording will sound much more thicker / body so your own copy preset MIGHT sound too thin live.....
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