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V 10 Cliff's Crown Achievement

Didn't get a chance to update the firmware until now (although I had V 10 beta), so it wasn't a major chock for me.

One new major improvement is the new banks of patches FAS prepared for us. I find them amazing out of the box and extremely useable, something I wasn't able to say previously.

I think we have reached the end of major firmware changes and I am now starting to build on the unit with a sense of permanence, knowing that there isn't much more that can be done to make these amps sound authentic. Breath and depth from low gain all the way to med and high gain, so tasty. Everything is now covered.

Cliff, once more, thanks for your vision and letting us share in the fruit of your genius, you trully are a remarkable inventor!

Not much sleep in store for me tonight...

All the best,
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Opening up a world for bassplayers, with some cabs and presets, would help a lot and would be very much appreciated,
as the whole family wants to play the AxeFx to full extend.
My son: bass player / other son, guitar /me - old school guitar
- not all at the same time of course
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