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Using the Boss RC-300 Looper with the Axe-FX 2


Does any one know how to sync the Boss RC-300 Looper with the Axe-FX 2?

I would like to sync the tempo from the Boss RC-300 to the Axe-FX 2?

Is this possible?

I also want to add that i am using an MFC-101.

Should I go out the midi out of the RC-300 to the midi in on the MFC-101? Are the any settings on the MFC that need to be changed?

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I have discovered that if i go from the Boss RC-300 midi out to the Axe midi in. The 2 units are sync'd.

The question now is how do i get my MFC-101 into the setup. Midi out of the RC-300 to the midi in on the MFC-101 does not seem to work.

Is there a setting on the MFC that will allow the clock from the RC-300 pass though to the Axe?

If anyone could help out i would be grateful.



The axe doesn't have the looping functions of the rc300. That's not up for argument :)

If you use the Ethernet on the MFC, you turn off the midi functionality. So to use the midi in, you have to use a midi cable from the MFC to the axe.

The midi in/out on the axe, however, does work when you use the Ethernet. Assuming you put the 300 on the floor in front of you, that'd be a long midi cable going back to your axe. But it will work.


Thanks for the reply.

I have been using a midi cable from mfc to axe. Are you saying I need to use Ethernet to free up the midi in for the rc-300?
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