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Using Preamp Pedal with AX8/FX8


I currently own an AX8 and usually just run it through my Quilter Toneblock 200 (no fx return and send) head and cab and through PAs live to get a nice wide sound. I have been recently thinking of switching back to tubes and decided to purchase the Victory V4 Countess preamp pedal. My thinking is that if I'm satisfied with the tone I can get with the victory through the quilter, I'll sell my AX8 and get the FX8 just for modulation.

The Victory preamp pedal can be used in 4 cable method as well the as the AX8/FX8 as well. I'm curious as of what way would be best to plug the preamp pedal in the chain. Should I run it into the input of the fractal? As an external pedal and put it before an amp block with the pre turned off? (I'm not sure if that's possible).

Please do let me know what you think is best to do here, thanks!


Sounds like you realize that the FX8 was designed to do what you are suggesting and while the AX8 will do it, it doesn't work as well. When I tried my AX8 in 4CM with my amp input and it's fx loop, it was very noticeable to me that it colored the sound. I don't know which is necessarily BEST, but my guess would be that if you don't need the AX8 to provide pre-fx (wah, drive, etc.) it will probably sound better with the AX8 in the preamp's loop for modulation and delay. In the end, the FX8 is better equipped if you need both pre- and post-fx.


I use the 3 Revv Pedals G2, G3, G4 for my preamp section (in the FX8 pre loop) using a Roctron Mainline Power Amp. Kicks major ass. The Mainline is not a typical stale and lifeless power amp, it is designed for guitar. I have several I have used over the yrs and I like the Rocktron the best.
Seriously best tones I have ever gotten. The Revv pedals are not just distortion pedals they are fully functioning preamp level/amp-in-a- box pedals. These three pedals give me every sort of amp like tone and feel I could imagine, without the endless frustration of amp/IR model tweaking. Simple and killer.
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