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Using multiple preamps/need help!


I own a pretty good size rack and I have purchased an AXE FX2 about 4 months ago, and just recently purchased the MFC MARK III! I also own a LINE 6 HDPRO and a DIGITECH 2120 in the same rack! Having knowledge that the AXE FX2 is the superior preamp, I still have a few favorites on the other preamps I would hate to give up! QUESTION .....CAN THE MARK III run a VOO DOO GCX AUDIO SWITCHER so I can enjoy all three preamps.....and if so.....what would be the best way to connect it! PLEASE DO NOT ANSWER IF YOU DO NOT KNOW!


Connect MFC --> AxeFX and midi out to the rest and you can control all other units including the GCX (with midi CC/PC)
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