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Using midi keyboard through Axe FX II?

Rich Wood

Hi there,

I'm just after a bit of help. I'm looking around for a new midi keyboard but in meantime I wanted to use my Yamaha QY70 as a midi keyboard through the Axe FX II into
Cubase 6 64bit.
I used the QY70 a few years ago as a midi keyboard in Cubase so I know it can work but I haven't used it through the axe fx II into Cubase before.

So I've tried setting it up, I connected the QY70 midi out into the axefx midi in and the midi light on the axefx is lighting up when I hit a note on the QY70, so the midi signal is going to the axefx but there does not seem to be any midi signal in Cubase?

In Cubase I have the midi track setup with Trilian bass plug-in with midi input set to AXE FX II Midi in and output set to Trilian.
In the Devise Setup the Midi Port Setup shows Axe FX II Midi In and Axe FX II Midi Out, which I assume is correct.

Is any one else using a midi keyboard through the Axe FX II?

Any help or advise will be much appreciated


New Member
Hey Rich,
Why not explain how you solved your issue, so that others who are new to this, like myself, might also benefit?


Fractal Fanatic
I'm pretty sure he would have just enabled MIDI Thru in the AxeFX config to allow the MIDI to pass through and into the sequencer


If it was an Axe setting it would have been USB Adapter Mode. MIDI Thru just echoes incoming MIDI/MFC port data to the MIDI Out/Thru port.
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