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Using Midi Block over USB?


I have been trying to get the Midi Block to Send PC/CC messages over the USB Midi interface.
I do not see any data coming across using a Midi Utilities software monitor, I am seeing constant SysEx messages being sent .

Questions :
  1. - Can the PC/CC messages be sent over USB Midi ?
  2. - Is it normal for the flood of sysEx to be flowing ?
  3. - Can I turn the sysEx flood off ?

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After further experimentation ......

After connecting the AxeFx midi Out to my PCs Midi In via a midi cable I am able to see the Midi Block transmit Midi PC/CC messages as expected.

I was hoping these messages were "echoed" via the AxeFx USB Midi in. This would allow me to route the PC/CC messages to other software packages running on the same PC WITHOUT using an additional Midi in port and cable.

FYI: my end game is to use PC/CC messages in my AXE scenes to select DMX lighting controller scenes/sequences running on the same pc.

On my PC I was able to copy the Axe PC/CC messages from my PC Midi Input to the AXE FX
USB Midi In via a Midi Tools app on my PC - guess what happened ?
When I sent a PC message it changed the PRESET on the AXE FX ------ I guess this makes sense

Can someone from Fractal Audio please confirm my findings ?


To close this out. I have confirmed via experimentation that the MIDI Block Only sends data over the HW Midi ports and NOT over USB. So one has to use a midi cable and a Midi to USB dongle to send AxeFx Midi Block Messages to a PC that is connected to the AxeFx via USB for control/audio


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  • - Is it normal for the flood of sysEx to be flowing ?
  • - Can I turn the sysEx flood off ?

I think this flood appears when you connect Axe-Edit and stops when you disconnect it.

As for the main question, here's my wishlist thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/ability-to-route-midi-to-from-usb.145747/ and a recent thread discussing this issue: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/anyone-using-axe-fx-iii-to-control-a-daw.148806/

Leave comments there, maybe someone will notice.
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