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Using Ethernet and Midi to power and control Axe-Fx 2 and MFC101


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I'm wondering if there are any issues powering and controlling my Axe Fx and MFC-101 using both an ethernet and 5 pin midi cable at the same time. Using an ethernet cable alone powers the MFC via the Axe-fx, however I get no communication between the 2 unless I also plug a 5 pin midi cable between the 2. Are there any issues operating the unit like this? The reason I ask is because my AC adapter for MFC is broken and I havent gotten a replacement as of yet.


Did you set the MFC to use EtherCon instead of midi? If not, you won't get communication.

I don't think there's any harm in what you're doing as long as you don't pass power over midi as well.


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Thanks for the response. I did switch my MFC setting to expansion as mentioned in the manual, but the units failed to communicate other than providing power to the MFC.


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Not meaning to sound Doom and Gloom. But if you set the MFC to expansion it should be communicating have you tried different ethernet cables?
Hopefully not. But you may have a damaged port on either the MFC or the Axe FX itself.

Is there anyone around you, that has either a axe-fx II where you can test your MFC. Or even the opposite if somebody has an MFC you can test your Axe effects with.


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Yes that was what i was suspecting unfortunately. I have tried several Ethernet cables and was unable to get them to communicate. To make matters even more confusing, the last Ethernet cable i tried (which was brand new) would supply power, but would not communicate even when i also plugged a midi cable in and set the MFC back to midi.
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