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Using Boss GT-100 as MIDI Controler-Nos sound in AXEFX after 5 mins


Hi Guys,

I got an AXEFXII XL+ recently. Was just trying to get my GT-100 to work as a basic MIDI foot controller. I got the expression pedal to work for a Wah in one of my patches but there is a problem. After about 5 mins of use, i get no sound from the AXEFX. I have to change th epatch and back to get back sound but in less than 5 mins, its gone again. Any clues on what the issue may be??

Also if any of you know how to configure the GT-100 for a basic MIDI operation with the AXEFXII?? Any guidlines will be a big help people.

Thanks a bunch!:)


Fractal Fanatic
does this happen if you unhook the controller? does this happen on all patches? the controller maybe connected to a input or output volume. look at the cc# that the controller is programed to control and see if you my have over looked something or entered a wrong #.
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