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Bug? Using Axe III Edit & III Mini Utility


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Don't run them at the same time.

Last night I moved over a thousand irs to user 2 cab slots and 30% or so were corrupt - weird symbols or blank names, so didn't have sound and some sounded like a ring modulator!?

I had the latest Axe III edit running in the background so I shut it down, rebooted the Axe and done the same thing again and all seems to work perfect. I've not noticed anything strange.

I had the same issue moving around 25 irs to user cabs 1 and the same thing, shut down axe edit and all was fine.

Hope this helps someone else

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
Interesting. I wonder if Fractal-Bot + Axe-Edit would do the same thing. Anyone want to try this?


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@Admin M@ Just loaded a single cab into Axe FX with Fractal Bot while having Axe Edit Open and it went through ok, name transferred over correctly, and sounds fine.
I can confirm that moving batches of IRs with mini utility while having Axe Edit open was problematic for me - missing cabs, garbled names, weird cab sounds etc. Once i closed Axe Edit and re-tried there were no issues. Did it multiple times. Latest Axe Edit beta, latest FX firmware. Wouldn’t say it is a big issue for me, small inconvenience rather
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