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Using Axe-Fx II for FX in Reaper?


New Member
Hey guys, I've got a question for the routing and signal path geeks. I'm hoping I can explain myself clearly on this one:

Before I start, here's the gear I'm using:

AxeFX II Mark II
Digi 002 Rack
Reaper (DAW)

I want to use my AxeFX as an FX box for my mixes in Reaper. For example, I'd like to use the AxeFX reverbs for my snare drum or any other instrument in Reaper using bussing. The AxeFX is LOADED with amazing simulations, it's got an entire suite of 'plugins' baked right in, why not use them as FX similar to using a plugin on my mixes?

Now I understand I'll only be able to affect tracks in the same way a piece of dedicated outboard gear would. I understand exactly what I'm going to get out of this. All I want to know is how you guys would best hook this up so that I can play and record my guitar like normal (I've already got this working just fine) and then, when the time comes, dedicated the AxeFX's processing to being an FX box for my mixes.

I've already got a snare bus running to the AxeFX from the 002's S/PDIF outs and returning to Reaper via S/PDIF as well. Technically speaking, it works. I hear the verb on the snare in Reaper, but when I up the send volume to the AxeFX in Reaper, I get this strange ringing. Almost like when you run a delay into itself and creates a feedback loop.

If I keep the send volume down, everything seems to be okay. Boosting it seems to introduce this weird feedback. This is leading me to believe that I've got something set up wrong.

The 002 and AxeFX are connected via S/PDIF and Analog In/Out. I'm only testing S/PDIF right now. The Analog In/Out were hooked up just in case S/PDIF didn't work so I wouldn't have to crawl behind my desk again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm heading out for a quick supper down the road in about 20 minutes so my responses will be limited until I return. I will be watching this thread for the rest of the night after dinner. Thanks in advance!



Sounds like you've got a feedback loop somewhere. How is your bus setup in Reaper, as a separate track or as a hardware send from other tracks?


Power User
You just need to check your routing so that you dont feed the return from the Axe back into it through the Reaper. Reainsert with Axe into the beginning of your VST chain, and then route that channel only to your monitors.

Another way to do that is to make a new hardware out to your reverb send channel in reaper, and make another track where the Axe signal is recorded.


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Hey there, I just would like to use the same way, but I have just the AXE FX as my soundcard. Is it possible to make this happen when I have just axe fx connected via USB? Thanks!
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