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Using a Rockman Tone Match (Leon Todd) for some righteous 80s jams!

Sean Ashe

Power User
Back in September I downloaded @2112 's awesome RockMan Tone Matches, and they were perfect for this track. My cousin has been producing '80s style' synthwave music since the start of the pandemic, and asked me if I wanted to lay some notes down on one of his tracks. Ended up using all of tones that leon had put together, clean chimey delays for some rhythm, and that sweet sweet rockman lead tone in the first and second 'verse' sections. I hope you all enjoy, but also thanks to Leon for sharing so much from knowledge, patches, and great attitude. Very fun. I put his video of the rockman match below , too.



It sounds very good, but nobody played guitar this adeptly in the 80s. ;-)
Yeah, I was gonna comment on that aspect, too! The sound was spot on and the melody section, especially with the trem swoops was totally believable, but there were some very modern sounding fast runs in there, which were way too good for the time. Even Lukather, king of the 80s session scene didn’t play like that!


I have an original Rockman from the 80's Gonna have to dust it off and see if it still works :cool: Love this retro stuff .. man I'm getting old

Sean Ashe

Power User
thanks so much for the kind words you guys! Really flattered. Was definitely going for a lukather/holdsworth thing but ya always gotta add some of your own spice :)


Back in the day...and I do mean back in the day, I used the Rockman direct to my Fostex 4 Track...Stereo Rhythm out to channels 1 and 3, and stereo lead tracks out to channels 2 and 4 with my keyboard player flying in sequences using various combinations of synths, bass, and drums similarly tracked live at the same time...we would wind up with 16 tracks without bouncing anything this way. Everyone loved them-sounded better than the ADAT's we recorded with later on.
There were several whole albums recorded with nothing more than the heavily compressed Rockman direct to the board....Def Leppard Hysteria probably the most famous for that. These presets you present here are a bit more edgy than the original Rockman. Either way, Tom Sholtz should have had you around back in the day-great work Leon!
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