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Using 4CM for Pre Amp and Power Amp


New Member

With the FM9, is it possible to use 4CM and have a Preset to use as a traditional 4CM Preset, but also have another Preset that bypasses the external amp’s Pre Amp and use only the external amp’s Power Amp, without having to change the physical cables?

In that way I could have a Preset that uses the Pre Amp of the external amp and other Presets using Amp Blocks in the FM9.

Yes, presets with no loop out to the external pre present or engaged can use modelled amp blocks without any recabling.

(4CM defined as:
  • Guitar > Axfx Inout.
  • LoopX out to external amp input.
  • LoopX in from external amp send.
  • Axfx out to external amp return.)
This can also be done within the same preset by just disengaging the loop out to external pre and engaging a modelled amp block.
Wow, excellent!!!

That’s exactly what I needed to know, and it’s wonderful that it can be done that way.

Thank you for explaining me how to do it even in the same preset.

Thank you very much Sprint!!!
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