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Useing a Bass with a Standard Axe?


New here
Hi there i new to this so pls dont be to harsh

Currently I own an Orange Terror Bass 500 but ive been playing throuth my mates axe fx 2 ´s second channel (dont ask how he does it - something about the stereo channels) but ive been thinking to buy by own axe standart since im only in need of some distortion and minor effects - are there any major advantages in useing the axe 2 with a bass? As i said i will only need some distortion and minor fx - main reason in buying an axe is being able to go to in ear monitoring with our band in the future (i think i could do this with the tb500 as well? not sure)

Are the bass fx working well ?


Fractal Fanatic
I used an Ultra for a few years and it is essentially the same guts as the standard, but with more memory so you can run more blocks on the fx grid. If your needs are not too over the top, the Standard should do you fine if you can find one at a decent price. You should be able to put a few fx/stomp blocks in front of an amp (use SV Bass) block and a cab block and you should be good to go. I think that the modeling in the AxeFxII is much more refined, gives you a few more bass amp models to choose from, and a lot more programming flexibility (not to mention USB speed and convenience for data transfer and backup). Of course, an AxFxII is a lot more money so...
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