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Use A JCM 800 When Playing ABBA - And Other Songs From My Last Show


Here are three songs from my show last week. It's one cover and 2 originals. The cover is SOS from ABBA, played with my JCM 800 patch. I was hoping to post the patches, but I need to do some troubleshooting. SysEx Librarian isn't playing nice for me these days. I'll post the patches once I clear up the problem. The cab sim is from the Ownhammer Public Beta Redux. I just love how I can go from fairly dirty to pretty clean all with pick attack. I'm not even touching the volume control. I'm just digging in or laying back on the attack on the strings.

The first original is called "Unmended". It's the first time we've played this song live, and it's a brand new arrangement for us. The main rhythm patch is a Fender Twin patch with Redwire cabs. The funky reverb patch in the middle is a stock patch I found in the Firmware 7 presets called Ganymede. The lead patch at the end is just my JCM 800 with a Super Overdrive in front of it and an Octave from a pitch block.

The third song is an original of ours called "The Battle Goes On". We like to put this song at the end of the show and get a little freaky with the jam in the second half of it. I'm using all of the same patches from the above songs.

I'm super happy with how these patches are working, live and in the recordings. Everything sits in the mix so well. I didn't have to mess with anything after the fact. I also can't get over how responsive the JCM 800 is. I'm normally a huge Jubilee fan, and I think Cliff did a great job with the Jubilee model. But this JCM 800 is where it's at. My band just loves it. Every time a try a different model, I always end up going back to the 800.

I'm actually so happy with how these recordings have been going that I'm tossing around the idea of releasing a live album. This really is fun stuff. Thanks Cliff! :)
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