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USB Interface-Channels swapped in headphones?


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Update: Two things...
  1. Fan was thankfully NOT attached to the lid.
  2. That wire housing is a bit smaller than I pictured in my head.
Like I mentioned earlier in the thread I can call Charlie on Monday, but would you switch the wires in the housing on the board since it's easier to access?
I think that one you are putting the arrow on in your pic is the input not the headphones.


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I think that one you are putting the arrow on in your pic is the input not the headphones.
Good eye; the arrow is pointing to a "Front Panel Input" label. Have a look at the molex connector that's northeast of where you're looking - it's the other gray wire coming from the front. The front panel input is the lower of the jacks. The headphone out is the top jack, and that gray wire is leading to the other molex connector.

You can swap on either end (choose only one of course), though it will be easier to do from the main board since there isn't a lot room between the riser and the side of the chassis.


If anyone is still accidentally following this thread, Charlie sent me a new wire to run from the headphone jack to the board and everything is working as it should now!
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