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USB change to 4x4


Fractal Fanatic
The original design was 3x3 but Logic can't handle an odd number of channels.
IMHO, the main operation area for reamping is to modificate the guitar-signal to fit perfectly in a mix. To do that you`ll need to hear that mix (backing track; summary of the daw at OUT1) while tuning gaining, EQ, Cab, etc. to fit the guitar signal in the mix.

That said, the whole option to do reamping is obsolete as long you can`t hear DAWs summary plus tweaking the direct recorded signal.

In other words: 4x2 is not really usable for anybody, 3x3 is only for logic users not useable, 4x4 would be usable for everybody with the cost of not be able to use presets with extended CPU-stress.

"Big" presets with high CPU cost are normally only needed in live-situations, e.g. to have big pedalboard-adaptions, etc. In recording situations you need the ability to modulate the core-sound, not dozens of effects, whre 80% would be off in th reamp situation.

That said, i believe 3x3 or 4x4 will fit more users demands, than 4x2. Right now, the USB-Soundinercafe capability of the Axe-II is great for small and quick recordings, but lately if it comes to serious reamping scenarios a dedicated Audio-interface is really needed.

If 4x4 costs really noticeable more CPU Power also automatically in a situations you only connect USB to the PC because of Axe-Edit or Fractal-Bot jobs, i would leave it as it is (4x2) or kick support for logic, but win the support of serious usable reamp capability.

In respect of ALL Axe-Fx II users i really believe 4x2 is the most limited solution (but most compatible) over all ... a dilemma ...


Fractal Audio Systems
The hardware is incapable of doing 4x4. The only choices are 3x3 or 4x2 and Logic doesn't work with 3x3. We also had some issues with 3x3 in Windows 7 IIRC.


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Convinced :encouragement: Anyway, i`m fine with my RME Multiface and SPDIF ... :mrgreen Back to FW11 discussion ;)
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