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USB AXE-FX III Won’t Work.

Just got a Axe-FX III and having trouble getting the unit to work with my PC.

PC: Fresh Windows 10 Pro install, updated to the latest build with all mobo drivers installed. Installed the drivers for the iii that were in the downloads section on the fractal site.

Hoping anyone can help me figure out how to get this to work with fractal bot and axe edit. Doesn’t matter what USB port I use and the only thing connected to PC is the Axe-FX III unit.

I’ve ruled it’s a problem with the unit as it works when I plug it into my iOS iPhone with an USB adapter.


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Are you sure you installed the usb driver? It looks like you got a certificate error when you tried to install the driver.


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You posted a picture of a certificate error message. Is that right? That indicates your attempt to install the driver did not succeed.
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