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Bug? USB Audio Interface - no sound (Linux)


New Member

I hope this is the right subforum for my question.

As the title suggests I have an issue with the audio-interface part of my FM3.
My computer/OS recognizes the interface and I can see (jack/ardour) the 4 channels - problem is I can get no signal from anyone of those.

Everything else is working fine - patching the USB through to a Windows-WM works with FM3-Edit without any issue.
Sadly I have now DAW available for Windows but I installed the drivers in the VM and there too there seems to be no signals.

Maybe it has something to do with how I connected my studio monitors (I had no XLR cables around so I connected them via Output 2 and set the "copy to Output 2" of Output 1 in the settings.

I played around with the digital-output/USB settings but I just cannot get any signal.

Sadly I have no machine with native Windows nor a MAC around I could try but people seem to claim that this is a default-USB-Audio Interface and should work (I have other audio-interfaces and none have issues).

So I'm wondering if the unit is broken or if there are some tricks I could try.

Does anyone have some hints for me?


New Member

the Interface shows in the system - and on a newer system (Manjaro / rolling release) the output over the FM3 works as intended - sadly the output does not - recording levels on the FM3 shows "activity".

Same with Android: it's recognized as a "headset" and the output works but sadly the input does neither (strange thing: for the output it routes channel 1 + 2 to Output 1 as described but here the "copy to Output 2" option does not include this external signal - it's only at Output 1 and the Phones).

I guess it's either not an default interface (other than claimed) or there is indeed some issue with mine.

Anybody here using Linux and got this working?


New Member
Sadly no - no luck yet (although I did not try it using newer kernels)

I do have a USB interface so I opted to connected the FM3 to it and use the interface in Linux ... I don't exactly like this solution but overall it's no big deal for me.
I enjoy the FM3 too much to sell it due to this issue (especially right now where most people probably want an FM9).
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