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And you sir are correct!

In the 20 minutes or so since I posted, I abandoned the original factory preset with it’s 4 or 5 scenes and ambled over to my AustinBuddy Naked Amps presets with the same amp and they sound nothing alike! Much, much better. Wow that factory preset was just not for me. I just wrote over it with the AB Naked Amp version.

Nice lesson for me. Never judge an amp by it’s factory preset.

Nothing to see here boys... nothing to see!
Mesa Marks are hard to dial, IRL. IMHO. So in that sense the model is accurate. Always found them non-intuitive...

During one of the Quantum firmware updates on the II that focused on those amps, everyone was raving, I remember getting frustrated and going to Youtube and looking up tutorials on how to dial the real amp... I just treated the model like it was the amp. It worked great. My settings were nearly 1:1 with the dude in one of the vids where I particularly dug the results... and it sounded within individual unit/room/cab variation to me. Nice.


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i just pulled up a IIC+ next to Lead 2 Yellow...the IIC+ has like 50% the gain of the triaxis with the same knob settings...on the triaxis i like to run gain at 10 o clock and overdrive at 2 or 3 o clock...it's screaming at that amount of gain. The IIC+ with the knobs in the same spot is barely even on, you got to craaaaank those knobs, maybe it's just that pot taper difference creator talks about, one at noon is the same as another at 3 oclock


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Leon, that C++ preset is absolutely insane. It just replaced the preset I've been working on perfecting for the past two weeks.
The 240hz and 2200hz sliders are really important with that amp. Turn 240hz up a bit for more of a woody "knock" to the tone (best way i can describe it) and adjust the 2200hz when playing loud to taste. The presence control is basically a fizz control on those amps so I like it low.


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How do you think the multi tap delay chorus setting will sound if I’m running my live feed in mono to FOH. It’s sounds great in my ears in stereo but wonder how it would translate live since I only run Left Out.


Leon makes fantastic presets. I personaly don't have the time to do all he does and for the most part I just go grab his from Axechange and start from there. Saves me a ton of time to get where I'm going. It's also a great learning experience. My go to when I show off the Axe 3 is still the Lynch Inspired preset :)
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