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Urgent help with violin patch needed


i have been using the violin patch that has been around since FW13 and removed the 'orchestra' path so that I could use my LP's bridge HB to sound like me playing a violin.
However, probably due to the drive block lately being enhanced, the violin patch now sounds thin, rather nasal, and lacks depth and character.
Has anyone updated the violin patch to Q6 and would be willing to share it? That would be a huge help since I already updated all my other patches to Q6 and do not really have a clue which parameters to change to get a workable violin sound back. My next gig is already on Saturday night...
Thanks in advance for any help!


Was this a preset posted by Simeon? It might be useful to post your current version of the preset.

Assuming it was Simeon's, the drive block is before the synth. The synth is only using that signal for level detection, so drive block updates shouldn't change much about the synth tone heard. A difference in attack or sustain is possible, but your description seems like something else happened.

Did you check if this user cab # still has the intended guitar body IR?

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I don't know what the preset used to sound like, but creating a violin shouldn't be too hard. Does your preset not use a synth? Have you considered tone matching something like Itzhak Perlman?


Yes, it was the preset originally posted by Simeon.
@simeon: if you could have a look at the preset it would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much!


just checked my version and it's fine. make sure the IR is loaded in the cab block, as bakerman suggested. check the drive block - mine is set to Rat, drive 6, tone 2 and level 8. (you should reset this block anyway)


You are right, Simeon. Your patch works fine. Mine did not, though, because at some time I must have changed the Rat drive to Pi Fuzz - I can't remember why.
When I set the drive back to Rat the patch worked fine.

Thank you all very much for your help and support!


Glad you got it worked out guitardoc......Thank You Simeon for providing the patch as well. I download the patches from your page and really look forward to checking them out. I learn so much from others. Thank you for sharing!
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