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Updating Firmware Question

Juan Loco

New here
Hi there
I am currently running an Axe FX II XL+ with Quantum 8.02 firmware. This is rock solid so am a bit nervous about updating to Ares. My main concerns are, will it still be totally stable, will I lose my presets, amps etc and basically 'if it ain't bust' etc...is there any real need to upgrade?



If you backup your system and presets regularly (a must IMO), you can easily switch between firmwares without fear of losing anything, and you can judge for yourself if Ares does it for you.


Fractal Fanatic
As always Brad’s advice is rock solid. There will be some differences in sound between firmware. If you back up your current setting you can try the new sounds and if you don’t like them you can just reinstall the old firmware that you’re using now and be right back where you started no worse for wear

Juan Loco

New here
Thanks guys, yes I have plenty of back ups. So are you saying if you do a full backup it saves the current Firmware as well as everything else so you can do a full restore back to where you were?
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