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UPDATED VERSION Ambient groove electro with Vox guitar tones



(EDIT: This is an updated version of Inverted Gaze with the bulid up section before the ending re-worked)

I'm not really sure how to describe this one but I like it. It's a different sound for me.
I guess it's pretty chill but a bit moody and reflective.

Started playing around with EZDrummer2 and the Electronic EZX and ended up with a full drum track.
I played with a few different guitar ideas and this is what came together out of the feel of the electro foundation.

Guitars are all CLASS-A 30W TB and I used Cab Pack 18 and 20 IRs
ML Class-A SM57-M160 03
ML Brit PR75 SM57-M160 01

Bass was tracked with the Citrus Bass 200 amp and Cab Pack 11.
ML SV Bass Mix 04
ML SV Bass Subkick D
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Updated version of the song uploaded.
I fixed the stereo/mono issue and while I was at it I re-worked the quiet build up section in the back half of the song.

Happier with it now.
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Yes I definitely like it..!

It reminds me of something, but for the life of me I can't think what it is...


Thanks guys.
I've been told it has a bit of a 90's feel to it, so it seems to go back a bit.
a lot of my favourite music is from the 90's, so I'm happy with that.

Most of my stuff is heavier rock, but I might do an EP of this lighter material. It's really enjoyable to work this way.
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