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Updated - For you guys: 242 amps - 242 presets - on Axe Fx II Mark 1


Great job indeed!!

I have detected a minor problem though: some of the presets have the reverb block set as "normal quality" instead of "high quality". It´s not a big deal, you can change it easily, but i thought you may wanna correct that in the future (or not) ;)

Thanks for your work, man.
Thanks for pointing it out - I will set them all to high quality and upload again! :)


New Member
From one vintage user to another, thank you. This really helps those of us that get lost with endless tweaking... Tone is a drug, man.


High gain lovers... try this one with a high output humbucker and downtuning... just combined the Angle Severe 1 preset and FAS Brootalz into one, panned hard L/R... on my baritone with Bareknuckle Painkillers, it kills!


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