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Up To Boston


The quest for the mighty tones of Tom Scholz never stop here. This attempt goes more for the sounds on the first couple of albums which I believe were recorded with an attenuated Plexi and some deft use of a wah and EQ filters - before the advent of the ubiquitous Rockman. Just a bit of fun and it should migrate to the Axe-FX III without too much fuss as well.
Download it from: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=9113


Very cool trick dropping the CAB block out for that spanky Boston clean sound!

Preset sounds pretty amazing here.


These are tones that I wouldn't use for my own music (too compressed sounding) but these would kill in a cover band. Well done!


Power User
I was never a Rockman fan but I liked the Boston so I appreciate your non-Rockman take on the original album sounds.
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