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Discussion in 'AX8 Wishes + Bugs' started by Callan, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Callan

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    Mar 28, 2016
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    Melbourne, Australia
    I'm running the latest release of 8.02 on my AX8 and just now when playing, I hit my scene 1/2 button and the unit rebooted in front of me - The AX8 logo came up on the screen and ever LED scrolled through.

    When the unit came back, the sound was all glitchy.
    A reboot brought it back to normal, but I'm worried this will happen again.

    Sound clips from the same preset before and after attached, as well as my preset.
    quicktime audio in zip, as forum didn't allow m4a extention

    I've used this same preset a hundred times and pretty well ever gig since I got my AX8.
    I will report back if it happens again.

    Edit: Oh, and USB was disconnected at the time too

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  2. Stagepig

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    Jan 21, 2017
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    NRW, Germany
    the same thing happened to me last week as well.
    Firmware 8.02 Preset was working just fine both days before band practice and tehn while switching scenes reboot and after that kind of a distorted sound. I was using an Euro Blue Modern model with one of the new Celestion cabs an Eq Shimmerdrive and delay.
    Since then the unit works fine again but for safety is reset all the system parameters, presets and installed the firmware again.
    Let's hope this thing won't happen again or, if it's a bug, fractal will change this with a new firmware version.

    Have you contacted fractal support about this?

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