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Fixed Unit ot Edit issue


New Member
Edit fails to see the unit after 5 minutes or if I try to load any Cab through edit. It shows it as connected but the bottom says waiting to connect then it fails. I have to turn the FM3 off and reset it to change patches or even shut off effects. It locks the unit up as well so I am not sure if this is an edit issue or a unit issue. I have deleted and reloaded the edit but no change Can I reset the unit?...


Couple questions:
  1. What version of firmware are you running?
  2. Does this happen with every cab you try to load or a specific one?
  3. Does this occur on several presets or across the board?
  4. What operating system are you running?
  5. Are you running a DAW at the same time?

You can try a factory reset: HOME -> SETUP -> Utilities -> Reset page -> Push A (then enter).

Chris B.

Right on. I'm following the other thread and we'll take a closer look as soon as we can.
Thanks @BryantP! Not sure if this is the case but it was mentioned in the other thread that I shouldn’t have fm edit and fractalbot open at the same time (Which does not cause a problem on my AX3). I did notice most of my issues went away when disconnecting fractalbot but some remained. Especially importing AX3 presets into the fm3.
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