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Unexpected LED Behavior on FC-12 when selecting a bank and loading the first preset in the bank


I have a layout with a button assigned to increment banks and load the first preset in that bank. Other buttons in the layout will select different presets in the bank.

When I increment banks the banks do change and the first preset is loaded but the led ring associated with that first preset stays dim. If I step on the button associated with the first preset, the led brightens but it takes that extra step to make it brighten. I would have thought that the led ring for the first preset would automatically brighten when I increment banks and specify that the first preset should be loaded. Anyone else see this behavior?


Fractal Fanatic
Maybe a bug? What is your Bank Size set to? Does it match the available Preset switches in your Layout?


Bank Size is set to 6. Six switches are set to "preset select in bank". 4 Switches are set to select 1 of 8 scenes ( using tap and hold to pick out 2 scenes per switch ), one switch toggle between tempo and tuner, and one switch for bank up/down. The bank switch specifies to load first preset. Would expect Preset 1 light to turn on when I change banks but it stays dim as do all the other preset switches. Preset 1 does load as expected it's just that it's led doesn't show that.
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