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Underrated Amp Models



Tried setting up a preset with the Bandmaster after seeing this Youtube video and it was incredible. There are so many sweet amps in this box it's ridiculous!
2 minutes into that video and I can't watch it because of those weird faces that he makes while playing the guitar. o_O


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2 minutes into that video and I can't watch it because of those weird faces that he makes while playing the guitar. o_O

I just scrubbed the video until I could see Axe Edit screens and then I played it :D I'm all about guitar face avoidance :D
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Splawn Quick Rod - holy cr*p! My new crunch amp.
I own a Quickrod that I love a lot. I play through a cab always with a matrix power amp and it is incredible close to the real thing. You absolutely NEED to turn on the SAT SWITCH and you are good to go. I run my actual quickrod always on 1st gear with the gain on 10 and the axefx is almost there with quantum. It's very very close sounding now and the SAT switch is the key to getting close to most of the real tube amps I own the axefx models.


Ater trying lot of amp since 2 years, the triptik is for me the perfect amp.i own a Carol Ann OD3-R (in real) and the Triptik is the amp who approach the most reality.
Just my taste, but this Amp is a killer.
Perfect for clean, perfect for rhythm, and perfect for lead sounds.
great amp ;)


Trainwreck Liverpool for gorgeous mid-gainy tones.

And I just put the Chieftain (Boutique 1) in one of my other presets and wow! Not underrated, but not one of my usual go-to amps.

+1 Trainwreck Liverpool for sure. Great choice for "Funk 49" and "Alright Now" tones.
I think all of the amps that I really love in the Axe are "underrated" models.

Splawn Quickrod - It's the least Marshall sounding Marshall clone that I've ever heard, but I love it. I run it in 2nd gear with a clean TS808 in front. You need to really crank the treble and presence to overcompensate for the darkness, but once you do, it sits in the mix beautifully and, to my ears, sounds clearer and more percussive than other high-gain amps.

Splawn Nitro - I started playing with this after I fell in love with the Quickrod. It has so much bass on tap that I think most people disregard it as boomy or flubby. I cut almost all of the bass and depth, running them at 1-2 with the bass cut on. Then, suddenly, you get this beautifully aggressive lower-midrange amp that sounds great in stereo with the Quickrod.

Fuchs ODS - Sort of in the same vein as the Splawn, people expect this amp to be a Dumble clone, but it can do much more. It has more mids and a shitload more gain than a Dumble. With the gain turned up, and a clean TS808 in front, it gives me the most searing high-gain lead tones that I've been able to coax out of the Axe, and it sits in the mix beautifully.


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+100 on all the Splawn's. Once you add in a bit of high end & put the right cab on them, (I am loving ML Sound Lab's Cab Pack 19 with the ENGL Cabs with the Splawn's) they are smokin'! After a little presence is added the low end becomes crushing & defined & the string to string interaction comes alive beautifully.
*Quick Tip: Depending on the cab(s) used, putting a parametric eq between the amp & cab to boost 1.2k on up, (I use a peaking on Band 4@1350Hz, Q0.433, Gain +4 & on Band 5 a Shelving @ 3200Hz, Q2.8, Gain +2.5, the rest of the PEQ Is flat.). Obviously, you'll have to adjust a bit for your rig, but there's some magic in there..
There is so many jaw dropping tones in the AXEFX, it should be illegal. ;)
The Friedman Dirty Shirley model is damn good!
Yek's write-up made me particularly interested in it and now I'm toying with the idea of getting me a real one!
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