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Under Daw\Desk Chair mat? Glass? Plastic? Plexiglass?


So , small bedroom\studio has low carpet and I want a GOOD appx 4' x 4' mat underneath. don't really care about flattening the carpet, it's a spare bedroom with cheap carpet.
Glass looks cool, but expensive. I would get it if I knew it was really durable.
Any suggestions\experience?
Thanks folks


After using the usual plastic mat for decades, I changed to glass and it's been well worth it for these advantages:
  • Doesn't develop those indentations over time that plastic mats acquire that tend to trap your chair wheels.
  • No static buildup (this surprised me, since glass is a dielectric, but I've never had static from the glass like before with plastic)
  • Heavy, stays in place
  • No wear
  • Looks good

However, the challenge: Initially I found a chair with wheels moved way too easily across the glass. I solved that by replacing the wheels with flat pads on which I stuck protective fabric pads (the kind you might put on furniture legs sitting on a hardwood floor). Now the chair easily slides when I want it to, but it stays put once in position.


I used to use one of the big plastic mats you get a Staples. Worked fine'ish. It'd bunch up over time as you rolled around on it and you'd have to straighten it out. Resistance against the wheels of my chair was good though.


I'll agree with Fotukito, my heavy ass kills a plastic mat within a few years, and the divots are really bad from about the first month of use. I tried (once) a mat that was roll of bamboo slats that laid out flat and flush on the floor. That died faster than the plastic mats.

I broke down and tried one tempered glass mat, and liked it so much we put them down under all the desk chairs in the house shortly after that. Yes they're expensive, but so is buying the plastic ones every few years. I'm hoping the glass will last way longer. Now there are dire warnings about dropping metal objects on the glass mats and shattering them, so I hope I never have that disaster.


I forgot to include one important benefit of the glass mats, particularly considering current steamy NA weather...
  • Cool glass is welcome by lounging dogs


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I had a plastic mat and thought it was good until I replaced it with a glass one. It is worth its money.


I'm using a plastic mat that was my Dad's in his home office since about 1985. It's about 1/4" thick and textured on one side and must be indestructible, but he and I are also both pretty skinny. It's this type:

The thicker ones last way longer than the thinner ones. Also, that one is intended for hard floors. On a hard floor, the mat doesn’t have to flex, so it lasts even longer.

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The thicker ones last way longer than the thinner ones. Also, that one is intended for hard floors. On a hard floor, the mat doesn’t have to flex, so it lasts even longer.
I use mine on industrial carpet over a concrete floor.
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