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Unable to "paste clipboard to y" the in the amp block (Axe edit 3.14.6)


Hey, i did a fresh install of win10 a few weeks back. Then installed axe edit (3.14.6) as well as the fractal driver. This week i noticed im unable to copy the x/y in the amp block.

Example: i open axe edit (3.14.6) click the amp block. Then in the amp block, i right click the x/y, choose copy y to clipboard, then right click again and choose paste clipboard to x and it does not paste. The x block stays unedited. Also when i press "copy clipboard to y" axe edit briefly flashes "please wait... communicating" but when i right click and choose "paste clipboard to x" there is no loading prompt. And the x block remains uneditted

It is also true for the opposite block.. ie trying to copy and paste from y to x. I should also note "swap x and y" in the amp block works correctly.

I am able to copy and paste using other blocks using this method, ive tried the delay and reverb and they both seem to work fine.

Im using an afx2 mk2 with the Q9.04 firmware

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