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Ultrares IRs?

Clockwork Creep

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Sooo.... if the FM3 cab block really is audibly lower quality than Axe FX 3, it's a bit of a bummer.
Ah well, if it still sounds good, not yet a deal breaker for me. During gigs, I don't think anyone will notice, however, when recording, I wanna be really nitpicky. Makes me think - Maybe it's a good idea to try some cab sim VST plugins... Like the one from ML lab. How does that stuff compare?...


Jay Mitchell has dispelled these IR myths on various forums for years. I've seen him say many times that 20ms is all you need to accurately capture an impulse. We really need to learn to listen to the experts.
^^This^^ I tend to believe those who spent spent years studying a subject and have the facts to back it up to peoples personal opinions.


Based on a very quick brush of the literature, it sounds like I'd want to play shorter IRs when playing through speakers in a room and longer ones when recording direct. I'll have to use my ears to verify this as I get to know my new AxeFx. I believe it will be a subtle thing tbh. There's so many other things I need to learn to dial in first but the hardest part is to stop jamming and start tweaking because it already sounds awesome.


That Pete Thorn video is very good, except I get to a different location than him. I much prefer the longer IRs, and I can hear a difference.


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That Pete Thorn video is very good, except I get to a different location than him. I much prefer the longer IRs, and I can hear a difference.

I hear a difference but it isnt night and day
As Pete said you hear maybe a slight bit more early reflection
But based on a lot of recent discussions, that may or may not be a desirable thing
Many want reflection free which are a bit more raw vs the more smooth longer version

Also if the cab block has controls to add reflections after the fact that maybe a better choice for many

Its like having a dry guitar sound to mix or one that already has a bit of room added

Both are reasonable options
I think thats why the IR length parameters were added to the AF3


This. ~20ms is more than adequate, especially in a mix. Isolated with delay, reverb, etc., I doubt anyone could hear a difference. Want longer IRs? Buy an Axe-FX III.

A. I agree after a quick noodle with my new 3 and a dry clean channel amp, I couldn't blind A vs B the shortest vs longest IR settings. There's a TINY difference that will be obliterated with reverb let alone a full band mix.
B. We don't even know for certain that the FM3 can't play the same length as AxeFx3. I'm pretty sure all modeling products truncate IRs to an appropriate length.


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Yep. The reality is that we have no idea what kind of IR processing the FM3 actually does...just a footnote that it uses some unspecified amount less of the IR. On this one, I really trust Fractal to get it right.
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