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Ultra Owner thinking of the big upgrade to the Axe Fx II XL+ -- Lots of questions!

That's good news for me about the 5 band Mesa graphic EQ. I remember spending a lot of time with post amp EQ block trying to replicate the sound of my Mark IV.


I'll echo most of what has been posted here in response to your questions and add this:

Though it takes a bit more tweaking to do so the polished 'record ready' character can be achieved with the AxeFX II for the most part. The Ultra, however, isn't capable of capturing that which the AxeFX II brings to the table (far improved dynamics, feel, far more accurate simulations of the amps modeled, and as simple to dial in fantastic amp tones as it is on the real amps).

I started out with the Ultra and moved up to the AxeFX II after a couple years. In an ideal world I would like to have kept the Ultra but it wasn't possible. Though the AxeFX II a better rig in most every way the Ultra is amazing in its own right.


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These days, though, I'm finding myself playing more bluesy styles and using more vintage and mid gain tones, which was the hardest thing for me to dial in with the Ultra. I really look forward to what the latest gen brings!

When I had a real amp, it was a JCM 800 and I loved playing bluesy and crunchy stuff. Went to modellers and was more and more playing high gain. The first generation of Axe-FX does high gain quite well. I'm now in love with chimey and crunchy tones on the XL+. Also they are very easy to conjure up, especially with Yek's write-ups on the amp models as a reference. JTM 45 and the AC20 are my favorites right now.
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