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Uh Oh! I Need Help After Update!


I updated my MFC 101 (v 3.03) and Axe-Fx II (v 14.02) using Fractal-Bot (v 2.0.1).
I then started sampling fremens v14.2 presets.
I went into my Bank A, which are the Fractal presets, when i noticed that I can switch thru the presets but the Drive, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser......buttons were not illuminated or functioning (that is not engaging the effect).
When I boot up the MFC all lights illuminate red & green sequentially,
In fact the issue is within Banks A, B, & C.
Thinking I may have corrupt Banks, I downloaded the latest Banks and installed them. I even reinstalled the software on the MFC, and AF II using Fractal-Bot.
Under the Utility Menu I "Reset System Parameters".

I'm not sure if the issue is the MFC, Axe-Fx, or Me.
What am I overlooking? Did I inadvertently change a setting within the I/O, Global, or Utility menus?

And Yes the USB Adapter Mod: OFF
Send Realtime Sysex: ALL


I disconnected the mfc. The front panel shows all effects as bypassed. I engage the effect, save, go to another preset and back to the saved patch and I can hear the flanger that I saved. I connected the mfc and the flanger button does not illuminate.

Thanks for helping


Power User
Depending on what version your MFC was on prior to the upgrade, the IA switches may need to be remapped back to the correct functions. Look at what your IAs are set to under the setup menu on MFC.


"Reset your MFC-101 by holding down button #11 while powering up."

Thank You! That corrected the issue. Operator error once again.
Again, Thanks Luke, jjozwia, & Sean
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