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U2 "Streets" Clip

Edwin Quevedo

New Member
This is a quick recording of my Axe III Streets preset with cab and reverb model off and then routed to Matrix GT1000FX power amp and Matrix NL212 cab. Keep in mind this was recorded with an iPhone X microphone using an app called "Voice Record." It would sound even better if done with a professional mic, which I'll eventually try to do. I'm getting awesome, "in-the-room" tone without making any adjustments to my amp model. The NL212 is a super flexible cab with a neutral response, so you can use it for all types of music and just adjust your amp model and EQ to get the tone you want. I don't use the cab model because this is not FRFR. I prefer this approach over FRFR because of the simplicity (no cab models to figure out and deal with - way too many options and parameters). When I do turn it on it muddles the tone. I highly recommend the Matrix GT1000FX power amp together with the NL212 (and don't use the cab models) for live use. Then you can come back to the studio, turn on the cab and reverb models and can use all the same presets in the studio. Pure tone bliss.

If you go back and compare this to the first clip at the top of this thread, you will note that this "real cab" version has a fuller, chimer tone to it. Same preset, but power amp and NL212 makes a huge difference. It's all relative, but now I think the original clip sounds too "thin" and it requires more volume to hear the similar tones. How do we make the studio preset sound like the in-the-room version?

Can you share the preset please!!
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